With breathtaking tundra landscapes, iconic wildlife viewing opportunities and a fascinating history that stretches back thousands of years, Naujaat is the perfect destination for any adventure-loving traveller curious to know what Nunavut is all about.

Come for a day or a week and let our expert and dedicated guides show you around. We offer quality services year-round, with our most knowledgeable local hunters and guides looking after your transportation, safety and comfort as you have amazing experiences in Canada’s True North.

Arctic Wilderness Guiding & Outfitting, operating since 2016, offers a variety of sport-hunting, fishing and camping packages. Journey into the Arctic Circle and spend a night in a real igloo for the most memorable sleep you’ve ever had. Travel to the incredible floe edge, where some of the world’s most impressive animals congregate every spring. Watch as a pod of narwhals surface in front of you. Scan the horizon to spy a polar bear patiently stalking a seal.

Explore Ukkusiksalik National Park, home to migrating caribou and pristine tundra as far as the eye can see. Join us for a hike along the Sila River and stop for a picnic at the reversing falls. Or travel Wager Bay by boat to visit an old Hudson’s Bay Company outpost.

History lovers will love Naujaat. Travel back in time to the doomed Franklin expedition, by learning about one of the most famed rescue missions, which came through Naujaat. Here, John Rae built a stonehouse, which he quickly abandoned for the warmth and comfort of the igloo–an ingenious Inuit innovation. Later, Rae would learn the sad fate of the Franklin expedition when a group of Inuit relayed horrible tales of the crew’s last days, which included instances of cannibalism.

Travellers can also visit Thule sites near Naujaat and marvel at relics and artifacts that go back thousands of years. Or stop in at Harbour Islands for a tour of abandoned whaling stations.

Arctic Wilderness Guiding & Outfitting can customize its tours, whether you’re a photographer looking for that once-in-a-lifetime shot, or a biologist working on the land.